What we do?
We provide a wide range of non-wage benefits so that employees function actively and do not lose their motivation to work. We offer you the opportunity to choose what, when and how you want to do it- before work, after work, or maybe during the lunch break? You decide.
What inspires us?
We do not need to be convinced that we should be taking care of our employees and strengthen their motivation. We know it perfectly well because we are employees ourselves. Happy and motivated.
74%people are looking for non-sport activities
3 workouts/monthaverage activity
What makes Gymsteer different?
As many employees as there are as many interpretations of an active lifestyle and ideas for relaxation, because everyone is different. Dancing, meditation, climbing, massage… Gymsteer offers something for everyone.
Gymsteer is fair!
Why should you pay for indefinite pool access when you swim only once a week? Why booking classes when you know you won't be using them? What is the point of keeping the unused pass? At Gymsteer, you don't have to, because you pay precisely for the classes you're actually attending.

Why choose Gymsteer?

We are innovative and fair - with us you pay only for what you use. You do not lose anything and nothing is going to waste.
We are diverse and open-minded - everyone is different and a different form of activity is cool. That's why you have a choice with us: from a relaxing massage to throwing axes.
We are active - solo or in a team, stationary and online.

The strategic investor of Gymsteer is

Grupa Pracuj
That is why we created Gymsteer because we understand the needs of employees and the perspective of employers.We have access to the practical knowledge of our partner and our own technological facilities.

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