Get your employees active with the Gymsteer application

Employees' better well-being equals more job satisfaction
Convenient billing model - pay per entry
A wide spectrum of activities (sport, health, recreation, relaxation)

Benefits for your company

Get to know our business model, where every amount spent is a benefit for employees.
Up to 50% lower costs
A modern billing service in the SaaS model. The company only pays for the services the employee actually used.In relation to sports cards it reduces costs by up to 50%.
Financing from the Company Social Benefits Fund
It is the company that decides if and what part the benefit is financed by the Company Social Benefits Fund, and what kind of current assets and what will affect the amount granted employee's budget.
Modern business model
No binding contracts and complicated administration.Managing your benefits has never been so easy. One online panel, process automation and efficiency. Facilitating work for HR and human resources.

Why Gymsteer?

Choose convenience, and your company and your employees will benefit!
There has never been such a simple implementation and distribution of the benefit among employees. Employees themselves create an account in the application, and the employer turns the service on or off when needed - and that's it!
The Gymsteer application offers access to benefits in various categories, such as relaxation, entertainment, sport and health.
Something for everyone!
You choose: on the spot, online or home trainings, rehabilitation sessions, massages. Possibility of training on your own terms - whenever and wherever you want

3 steps how Gymsteer for business works:

Easy configuration and implementation. Training for HR, HR and accounting departments.
Use of the service
Employees set up their own accounts in the Gymsteer application. They choose activities for themselves - when and how they want.
At the end of each month, Gymsteer provides a summary in the form of a comprehensive report and an invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is available to companies of all sizes. Regardless of whether you employ 1 person or 10,000, you can use our services.
This is a method of billing for using the services available in the Gymsteer application. It involves only paying for the services that have been used up. Payment is made just before entering the facility or in the case of online services joining the meeting. In the case of services paid by the employer, settlement and payment are made after the end of the settlement period, which is the calendar month.
Standard methods of settling benefits consist of a fixed subscription fee for a previously selected plan or scope of services. Regardless of how many times the employees actually used the purchased services. At Gymsteer, the employer only settles accounts for the services actually used by employees. Each employee has a quota limit set by the employer that he can maximum use in a given month for activities of his choice. However, if the employee for some reason did not attend any classes, the company will not incur the costs of services. Therefore, there is no need to suspend access to Gymsteer, e.g. during holidays or other longer absences. At Gymsteer, the only fixed fee is twenty zlotys of subscriptions for each user of the application, paid by the employer. As part of the subscription, users receive access to relaxation and sports activities as well as preventive health activities.
There is no such limit. It is a completely independent decision of the employer, what amount will be allocated to employees per month for services at Gymsteer. The value of the grant is optional. Of course, the higher the limit amount, the happier the employees are :)
Users of the Gymsteer application can use services from the following categories: recreation, relaxation, sport, health. The services are provided in various modes, depending on the selected activity: stationary, online or with home commuting. To see the current list of our partners, download the application
We are available all over Poland. In addition, our offer includes a wide range of online activities available to ALL application users.
Are you wondering how to start? Or you want to know more about cooperation with us in advance, be sure to write to For sure, Przemek or Bartek will contact you quickly :)

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