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Take part in classes or exercise in over 700 gyms and fitness studios in the city. One application, plethora of possibilities.

  • No obligations
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  • You pay only
    when you train

  • Over 700 gyms and fitness
    centres in Poland

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Over 700 gyms and fitness centres to try.

Gym, fit class or crossfit? Endless choices!

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Easy, fast and 100% you. Single passes to gyms and classes. No contracts, no fees.

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Over 700 gyms and boutiques in Poland

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Make fit fun again!

Take your friends! Hijack your sword, crossfit, ring or training room. The gym is not everything!

Love the PPE system. No more money wasted as I am no king of regular trainings.

Marek T.

Gymsteer is actually one of a few apps that are truly useful!

Przemysław K.

One of a few apps that are actually made for what they claim to be. Pleasure to use!

Maciek P.


Do I need to pay any monthly fees?

You don't. Our Pay Per Entry passes enable you to enjoy all every offer our partners have available as you wish. You pay only for particular classes or open entry as you buy them.

What is a PayPerEntry?

Pay Per Entry is a single pass to a club (open entry or a class pass) you can buy in the app. The application shows only clubs and places that offer Pay Per Entry service and all of them are marked purple in the map or list view. Pay Per Entry for scheduled classes is valid only for that particular class, while an open pass is valid for 30 days.

There is no limit to buying a Pay Per Entry to the same place or subsequent class.

What do you offer?

You can enjoy over 120 different sports on Gymsteer in 123 cities and every day we have new places join Gymsteer. Stay updated and check them in the app.

You will find some of the most popular ones, such as yoga, pilates, fitness, crossfit, martial arts, dance classes ((Pole Dance, Balet, Twerk, Jazz, Salsation, etc), as well as spinning, TBC, Zumba and many more.

Thanks to Gymsteer you can choose and experience many new ones such as aerial dance), Animal Flow, TRX or Tabata.

Are the payments in the app safe?

Yes. We work with the main, trusted and reputable polish online payments operator - Blue Media , Spółka Akcyjna (81-718 Sopot, ul. Powstańców Warszawy 6, KRS 0000320590).

Blue Media S.A. is under the jurisdiction of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). The company is also certified by PCI DSS and works within the ISO 27001 norm. It is fully compatible with the requirements of NBP, KNF, and GIODO.

How much does a Pay Per Entry cost?

Each club sets the prices freely for open gym and group passes. We care deeply for both the owners and the guests to find satisfactory balance in what is good for the users and the club. At the moment the average open entry price in Warsaw is 19 PLN and 23 PLN for a group class pass. Prices differ from club to club and in different cities.

No obligations. No limits!

Download the app, create an account and choose any class or place near you and try something new today. First pass of your choice - 1 PLN.

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Stay active!
Stay safe!

You are covered with a 10 000 PLN NNW insurance
each time you train with us thanks to Signal Iduna.
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