Hundreds of various activities at attractive prices, co-financed by the employer
Sports, recreation, relaxation, health and much more!
Online trainings, health webinars with experts, home and stationary services
Access to services throughout Poland

Benefits for you

Relax, regenerate, train, rest - choose from hundreds of activities in the Gymsteer application
Pay per entry
You pay precisely for the services you're using and nothing more. And when you don't use it, you don't pay anything. It's fair.
One simple app for everything
Whether you are going to workout or ordering a home-access massage, you always use one application.
Pay only when you use
No subscriptions, no billing cycles, no long-term commitments, convenient one-click payment.

Why Gymsteer?

A wide range of activities
Massage, climbing wall, training, or maybe a therapy for insomnia? Don't limit yourself. You can train, dance or cheer on Legia Warszawa on your own or in a larger group. Isn't it nice? :)
Attractive prices of services
Find interesting activities in your area. They are all at attractive prices. And if you provide us with a contact to your employer, we will convince him to co-finance them.
Stationary & online
At Gymsteer, you can carry out with services on the spot, with the home access service or online.

How does your Gymsteer work?

Download the app and search for the service that you're interested in. No matter where you are, close to home, at work, on a business trip or on vacation - you will always find something for yourself.
Use of the service
Choose from hundreds of activities across the country. Buy one-time entries and enjoy the freedom without a subscription. If you use - you pay, if you don't use - you don't pay. Simple isn't it?
Many possibilities thanks to one application.
A wide range of services, insurance included in the price and quick payments in one application - convenience and safety above all.

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